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Super Bowl Tailgating Tips

by: tailgate-rivals


Looking to tailgate at the Super Bowl? Here are some suggestions for the big game.

The Super Bowl is the most-viewed television event ever. With over 200 million US viewers, the Super Bowl attracts 100 million more viewers than the Olympic Games.  Last year’s Super Bowl had about 43% of all Americans watching some part of it.  It’s no surprise that people want to be able to go see this event in person – whether or not they are football fans  –  and have a good time doing so.  If your friends and family like to tailgate before going into a major sporting event, then here are some suggestions for you!

Even if they’re not huge football fans  (and even if you aren’t),  they’ll still have a good time at the Super Bowl  if you are able to get them there.

The most important thing when going to any large event like this is scheduling transportation  well in advance.  Once you know your schedule,  then you can plan out where and when to go tailgating (as well as where to park for events).

Tailgating could include grilling, playing games with others, or just socializing outside of the stadium itself before the game starts.

How much it costs will depend on a number of factors: how many people will be going,  what you want to  do,  how many  people  you go with,  whether you’re staying at a hotel or not, and more.

If there are fewer people going tailgating with you , then it will be easier to snag a really nice spot as early as possible for your get-together.   If everyone hosts their own party separately then the chances of meeting up before the game is much lower .  And if someone needs to leave early due to work or any other reason then that could leave no one free for the group photo during pregame warmup festivities.

If you  don’t  want to spend money  on a hotel,  then you could rent out an apartment nearby the stadium.

But hotels will be more expensive and might not have enough room for many people.  Also, it’s important to know that your own parking costs can easily double if you’re staying at a hotel. If everyone is going in separate cars , then getting together before the event isn’t really possible unless all of them are planning on being there pretty much at game time itself. Making specific plans with your friends well in advance will help make sure that everyone has ample warning on how much tailgating they’ll want to do beforehand or after the main event,  and  that  you  can  buy  the right amount of food to keep everyone happy and full.

Eating shouldn’t be a problem if you’re tailgating a lot in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. If you are hosting your own party for some friends or family members that live out-of-town,  then you’ll want to get them this guide so they can know what they need to do before going to this event.

If you are a true football fan then you can’t miss out on this event! It’s one of the most beloved and watched sporting events ever created. The Super Bowl is played in front of thousands upon thousands of spectators who all go to show their support for the team they love from where they live and work, as well as cheer on their favorite players and hope for a good outcome to the game. If you’re not going to the game yourself , but still want to show your support for either team, then tailgating beforehand will be just what you need.