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Tailgate-Rival’s Tailgating 101

by: tailgate-rivals


Football season and tailgating go hand in hand. Tailgate-Rivals is your tailgating source. Tailgate-Rival’s Tailgating 101  covers everything you need to know. Tailgate parties are typically a weekend event, and football season is no different. Tailgates generally start on Thursday night before the big game and continue through Sunday. Tailgates can be held at homes, parking lots or any open space that people have access to.

What Can You Tailgate?

Tailgating is all about food and drink. However tailgate supplies do not stop there—there is more than enough room for other items as well.

Some ideas for your next tailgate include:

• Portable Grills

• Coolers/Ice

• Tables/Chairs

• Tent

• Kickback bar games (Cornhole, ladder golf, etc.)

• Tailgate games (cornhole, ladder golf)

• Tailgating decorations (banners, flags)

• Tailgate supplies (paper products like napkins and cups)

Tailgates are easy to pull off because of their informal set up. Tailgating is a lifestyle that has evolved over the years into an event easily organized between friends or colleagues. There are many different ways people can tailgate but they all have one thing in common—good food and good times with those around them.

Hauling your grill:

It is important for you to invest in rugged transport for your grill when going on road trips or using it at the park. When looking for a sturdy carrier for your grill look for these things:

  • The Tailgate Chair

•     Outside pockets to store your items that you need quick access to such as plates, grilling tools and utensils.

•     A cooler to help hold ice or drinks securely within close reach.

Tailgating will without a doubt bring out the competitive spirit in all who partake in them. Tailgating games are a great way of keeping everyone entertained while enjoying their favorite foods during football season and tailgates.

When it comes time to choose games, try not to pick overly complicated ones that require too much focus or long periods of time to play. Although this may sound odd, some traditional sports work very well in tailgate environments since they tend to get people involved quickly and keep the party flowing.

Tailgate games that are already in place at professional sports events or can be found through a search online. Tailgating also offers other types of activities for those whom may not want to engage in sport-related ones, such as cornhole boards or ladder golf set ups. Tailgates tend to bring out outgoing personalities because they offer multiple opportunities for you to interact with those around you. Check into local tailgate groups/clubs near your area to help make some connections before tailgating season begins!

Tailgate Ideas:

With each passing football season, the tailgating community grows larger largely due to the diversity of ideas and activities that take place during these parties. Tailgate decorations are an important part of any successful tailgating event as they add character and personality to your occasion. The decorations themselves tend to fall into two categories: those that can easily be used again at many events and those that will only work once or twice due to the custom nature of them. Tailgate supplies are essential for any tailgater and Tailgate Rivals also offer those in bulk if you are looking to stock up on napkins or tablecloths.

For example, a customized banner is something that can only be used once but will become a treasured keepsake because of its uniqueness and high quality materials that go into making it. You need to make sure your tailgate supplies are both fun and practical for your next event!

Tailgate Recipes:

Tailgate recipes can be found all over the internet from family traditions passed down through generations to professional chefs posting their own versions online. Tailgating does not come with an expectation that everyone who attends must prepare their own food but it is a common feature of the activity to bring your own meal. Tailgate Rivals provides you with several food recipe ideas that are simple, easy and delicious! Tailgating season is here and Tailgate-Rivals has everything you need for your next tailgating event!