AFTV founder Robbie Lyle and Ray Parlor had a heated debate after the Gunners legend said the fan channel “wants Arsenal to lose”

by: tailgate-rivals


AFTV founder Robbie Lyle and Ray Parlor took part in a lively debate live after Arsenal legend said the fan channel wanted the club to lose to gain more views.

Lyle was on talkSPORT on Friday morning to discuss Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke’s stance following their initial involvement in the controversial and now seemingly failed European Super League.

But soon the discussion shifted to the Gunners’ popular 1.3 million subscriber channel and became very popular thanks to their strong personalities such as the late Claude, Ty, Troopz, DT and Lee Judges.

And it got really spicy between the two.

Parlor sparked the conversation when he asked, “Robbie, what is your reaction when some fans say – and I suppose I am one of them – that Arsenal Fan TV wants Arsenal to lose because you get more hits on YouTube?

“Because, what it is, every competitive fan wants to see Arsenal fans crumble after losing a game … sometimes it’s a bit awkward to watch.

“As an Arsenal fan I want them to win every game, but I sometimes think you look at it and think, ‘if we lose, this week we’ll have more hits and make more money! ‘”

Robbie wasn’t happy at all and said, “What’s this all about? Ray, with all respect, you’re talking nonsense.

“I want my team to win absolutely every game and I know you’re very close to the club and you may find it hard to talk about this situation …”

Parlor then asked Robbie if he had more success this week because Arsenal had a “nightmare”, angling the Gunners fan for life again.

Robbie replied: “Has TalkSPORT been much more successful? You’re asking stupid questions, Ray!

“They’re talkSPORT, Sky Sports and all these broadcasters will have more hits because what happened with the Super League? That’s a good talking point!”

Parlor suggested that AFTV is likely to have more Spurs fans watching their content because of the delight other fans take when seeing their woe.

‘Romford Pele’ also accused AFTV of making Arsenal look “a bit of a laughing stock” because of the falls on the channel, urging Robbie to label him “out of this world”.

“Oh, you’re talking absolute crap, Ray,” Robbie said.

“Here’s the problem, you’re trying to defend your position at Arsenal instead of talking about a very serious issue, the owners of our clubs and various other clubs trying to sell a story, the fans and even the players of these clubs.” you ask me about the successes? It has nothing to do with the successes, it is Arsenal Football Club, a club that I love.

“Did you see him when we won? What’s this ?! I’m sorry, but you’re so out of this world, Ray. You’re so out of this world it’s amazing .

“I respect you as a player, you’ve been a great, great player for Arsenal but listen, you have to understand that this is more than successes, gains or losses, here’s our football team getting spoiled by owners who don’t they don’t and this week they tried it. ”

Parlor added, “Robbie, I’m so glad you’re doing well, don’t get me wrong, it’s all about business and making money, and good luck to you.”

Robbie ended the discussion by saying, “You sound like Stan Kroenke – ‘it’s all about business and making money.'”

Many have sided with Robbie in the verbal joust, with former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand praising the power of fan-driven media.