The British Premier League featuring Celtic and Rangers was ‘secretly planned’

by: tailgate-rivals


The European Premier League may have been canceled after a massive backlash, but it has emerged that plans to reform the Premier League in the near future include Celtic and Rangers.

In a hurricane a couple of days after the bomb was announced, the separatist league collapsed before it even started following widespread condemnation across football.

By one, all the “big six” of the Premier League have left the 20-team league.

However, Martin Lipton of The Sun reports that there is a shared feeling that England’s top flight needs to be revamped and that Glasgow’s two big guns are the main proposal he is talking about.

The pair have dominated Scottish football for years, so much so that they have to return to the 1984/85 season for the last Scottish champions who are not called Celtic or Rangers.

Aberdeen’s Sir Alex Ferguson was the winner on that occasion and the departure of the Old Firm costume for the Premier League could interest other SPFL clubs as it would give them a much better chance of winning the title and playing in Europe.

Celtic and Rangers, with their huge fan base, would be part of much more lucrative sponsorship and broadcast deals and it is believed that their arrival in English football would also benefit the league.

And while the European Super League has had widespread anger, it is said that this idea would likely get the approval of all sides, including FIFA, UEFA and the UK government.

A source told The Sun: “Whether there is a Premier League or not, we all feel that the Premier League needs to change and improve.

“It’s time we opened it up to Rangers and Celtic. It would make sense to everyone.”

Fans regularly discussed how Celtic and Rangers would behave if they abandoned the ship and in 2019, longtime Celtic skipper Scott Brown said that Bhoy’s supporters would “take over”

“I think our fans would take the lead,” he told SPORTbible.

“Our support from fans all over the world is huge and I think that’s definitely something we would thrive on. They show their love for every player who comes to the park and that’s what makes them very, very special.

“You never get bored on that outing when everyone is cheering and singing, especially on Champions League nights.

“I think the lads would do great too – we competed in the Champions League against top tier teams like Man City and it was a draw in both places. you we can compete. ”

Other ideas available include reducing from 20 Premier League teams to 18, as well as adopting an end of season second chance format for the top four as seen in rugby union and rugby league.